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The dangers of having dirty air ducts in your home

  • Posted on: 04, 16, 2018
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We all make frantic efforts to keep our various homes clean. We perform daily activities such as dusting, washing the tubs, vacuuming and washing the toilets. We also do our annual spring cleaning, such as moving under to clean the furniture and behind our appliances.

In addition, we perform the necessary maintenance work, such as cleaning the carpets with steam, flushing our water heater and also maintaining our HVAC to maintain our homes and keeping it in shape, while preserving the value of our larger assets, and creating a healthy and safe environment for our us and our families to live a better life. However, a task that many homeowners easily neglect is the cleanliness and maintenance of their air ducts.

This hidden stuff may not be easily visible both behind the walls and also in the attic, however, you must not forget them. They often get dirty with time and start causing a series of problems.
If you do contract out various services such as snaking drains, trash chute cleaning etc., then you have no reason or excuse not to hire the services of a good duct cleaning spruce contractors. If you live in Edmonton, you would get good duct cleaning Edmonton services to do a perfect job for you.
There are risks in not regularly cleaning your ducts. The following below are some of the risks to which you may be exposed if you do not inspect and regularly carry out your duct cleaning.

Damage to the interior of your home
The issue with dirty air ducts is that the dirt in it doesn’t stay on a spot. Once the air conditioner or furnace starts, the dirt, dust, and the grime built up in it will be blown all over the house, and into your home.

It doesn’t matter how many times you clean, these deposits will still settle on surfaces, then they’ll make your home obviously dirty and dingy. Blockages in air ducts which are related to dirt and filths most definitely reduce the total efficiency of the HVAC system, resulting in expensive utility bills and, ultimately, system repairs.
It may take a while for you to feel the full effects of this damage, but if you do not use reliable duct cleaning services for your homes, the damage will be more severe and cost more money to fix.

Growth of Molds
Mold needs some conditions to grow. First, there have to be spores in each house. From there, there must be heat and moisture to allow the colonies to flourish, as well as a source of organic food.
You might wonder what connection this has with air ducts. There are many reasons why the dirty ducts provides a fertile environment for mold growth.
First is that, dirt, dust and other debris in the ducts can trap mold spores and keep them right in the ducts. When your air conditioner is turned in the summer or the heat in the winter, the conditions right in the ducts can be warm and humid, which is perfect for the growth of mold, and the moisture in the ducts would cling along with the spores.
The threat does not stop there. The dead skin cells, and the other organic substances in the ducts provides the mold with food needed for growth and then damage to your home and your longer health as long as it remains untreated.

Pest infestation and health concerns are other problems of not getting a duct cleaning team to clean your ducts.
Contracting a quality duct cleaning spruce grove team will help you get rid of your duct dirt if you live in spruce grove or its environs.

How to choose a perfect duct cleaning company?

Air duct cleaning Edmonton companies are responsible for the removal of dust and many other potentially harmful substance which can accumulate in your home’s air ducts and heating or cooling systems. If you want to clean your air ducts, you should look for an air duct cleaning team or company which has specific knowledge, skills, and experience to make sure your home is cleaned properly and must also leave your house unaffected or uncontaminated. In this article, you’d get details on how to choose a very good air duct cleaning company.

First off, the most important point of consideration while hiring a service provider of this type is the brands" reputation. The company’s reputation is what you must not ignore. If you choose a reputable service provider, your project will be managed well. It"s a relief if you do not know much about the chosen service provider.

The second thing is the rate they charge. You must know if it’s very high. Is it proportional to the standard and quality of the services they’ll provide you? Once you feel you are being cheated, you must reconsider your decision to hire such a service provider. It should be neither high nor low, that’s the perfect price. You should look around for a good duct cleaning red deer service provider that offers excellent services and at reasonable prices.

The third point you must consider is to check the tools they will use. Ask them of the kind of technology they will use. Find out on your own which kind of technologies and tools or cleaning products are best for this type of cleaning. Inform your service provider of yours or their preferences. If you think they are too old to be hired, you can find another duct cleaning company.
Also, do not forget to check if the service provider is certified for the work they have to do.

• Pay attention to “too good to be true" prices: Some of the duct cleaning companies run too good to be true promos everywhere. However, at the completion of the work, customers are always surprised by the real costs once they have to pay, or they have paid. Avoid unnecessary extra services and make sure they clean the entire system. These companies often work on a commission bases for whatever they sell to you.

• Avoid companies that clean the ducts as a sideline: Some companies say they are specialized in everything like the cleaning of air ducts with other services or work, such as cleaning carpets and upholstery or furniture cleaning. These companies may not have trained technicians, experts or specialized equipment and the experience necessary to properly clean your air ducts.

• Choose only a member of the National Air duct cleaners Association (NADCA). NADCA members must adhere to the NADCA Code of Ethics and National Standard of Care when using and cleaning air ducts.

The few steps above will help you in selecting a suitable duct cleaning Edmonton Company to do your job with care, precision, and top-notch expertise.

When should the duct be cleaned?

In the article below, we will discuss the period when the cleaning of your ducts should be done.

Schedule of the Supplier: Your HVAC equipment manufacturers and suppliers sometimes do provide instructions as to when and how to perform your duct cleaning. Cleaning programs usually depend on the operating schedule, weather or climatic conditions, the filtration used, the air pollutants available, the costs and the expectations of building occupants.

Period of installation: When a new system or older system is installed or upgraded, suppliers must provide the schedule and access to clean the system components that can be cleaned or replaced when they are contaminated. The new equipment must remain sealed until it is installed. Otherwise, new construction or renewal of old equipment must always include duct cleaning. New ducts often contain tools, oil, construction debris and some dirt. These have to be cleaned off the ductwork before it’s connected to the air handling system.

Old Ducts: Over time, ducts become contaminated with either dust, debris, dirt, slime, mold, or any of the other contaminants. These materials being present doesn’t necessarily mean any IAQ problems or complaints have to occur, but you have to carry out your duct cleaning. Most of the common ducts have a small amount of dry dust which is collected on its surface, and it’s a common phenomenon which most times requires the duct cleaning.

It is recommended you carry out a duct cleaning or replacement if
• There is any sign of slime growth.
• There are residues limiting the flow of air
• There is visible dust being emitted from the air supply registers
• Unpleasant odors come from the ductwork or the HVAC system.

What happens during a duct cleaning?

A duct cleaning session is usually the removal of contaminants, for example, through brushing or vibration and vacuum cleaning.

If the duct cleaning team is cleaning your duct, ask them certain questions to know how they adhere to best practice standards. The following are typical best practices questions:
• Will the ducts being cleaned be kept under negative pressure during the cleaning? (Doing this minimizes the release of dust and dirt into the occupied space).
• Are they going to protect your duct system by avoiding unnecessary boring of holes in a duct or the duct liner?
• Do they intend to schedule a duct cleaning when your building isn’t occupied?

You can get good Duct cleaning Edmonton contractor services to do the job for you very well.
How about cleaning a fibrous insulation in the ductwork?

Often time, ductworks are insulated for both noise control and thermal efficiency. Insulation is made of fibrous materials which are mounted either inside or outside the ductwork. The IAQ concerns include:
• Removal of contaminated or wet insulation.
• Only use a dry vacuum cleaner in the dry insulation during cleaning.
• Microbial growth inside the insulation.

Keeping the system filters properly managed and replacing them as expected will help in maintaining your ducts properly. When the need arises, calling on a good duct cleaning Lethbridge team will allow you get the best services.

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